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Lisa Nichols The Secret

Samantha Davis

Released in 2006, “The Secret” is a movie that starred prominent creative people from all spheres of life and the gorgeous and intelligent Lisa Nichols was a contributor by being featured in one of the many interviews that made up this creative film created in a documentary style.

The film was a production of Prime Time Productions and it almost immediately got attention from many people around the world, especially celebrities from the media with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and Ellen DeGeneres giving thumbs up to the production even as it received some bit of criticism from some quarters in the media. The film stems from a book that has the same name but it is of course a censored version of the book.

Lisa Nichols is famous for being a motivational speaker. In fact, she has received accolades from various people and her creative works and even quotes have been recognized in several institutions, with various awards testifying her excellent talent and significant influence in the lives of people from all over the world.

She has appeared on the TV screens of millions of viewers across the globe delivering motivational and life-changing messages about creativity but her contribution in the film ”The Secret” was a big plus to a career and absolutely showed a side of Lisa not many people were familiar with which is definitely a secret for her dramatically increased fan base.

In the film she was, as expected, motivating people especially teenagers in how to live a creative positive life and as that is almost the only way to achieve one's dreams in life. The movie centers on creative visualization and the law of attraction and not the romantic kind this time around.

If you haven't heard the secret about “The Secret” 🙂 – Lisa Nichols was basically a substitute for Esther Hicks as she featured in the extended edition of the movie and while you might want to rate her side by side with her predecessor, it would be fair to remember that Lisa is only an author. The movie almost did not tell us anything about Lisa Nichols and her creativity, but we could grab all we wanted to know about this powerful woman just from her delivery in all the interviews.

Her blunt and straight-forward delivery in the interview she was featured in is too much for a discussion in a single write-up. Not just for teens but for everyone wanting to succeed in life, Lisa Nichols teaches us how some few positive and creative thoughts could actually transform one’s life.

Lisa Nichols The Secret MovieHer passion to relay life-changing creative messages was evident in the movie and she as well be described as the perfect mix of humor and focus. She perfectly delivered her message in a way that would have every one watching glued to the TV screen till the last second of the movie. In fact, her impact on the film, ”The Secret” is so significant she drew more viewers and buyers to the extended edition of the movie with sales and rent of the extended edition surpassing the previous production.

A distinct feature about Lisa Nichols The Secret contribution was her exceptional delivery and the way Lisa Nichols linked her life before the fame and name and how she had to work hard and think positive in order to attain greatness in life. Some of her quotes from “The Secret” are mentioned below.

“Any time your thoughts are flowing, the law of attraction is working.

“What you think about you bring about.”

“Your whole life is a manifestation of creative thoughts that go on in your head.”

“Your creativity, thoughts and your feelings create your life.

Lisa Nichols was definitely not the only star of the show in this documentary and other people that co-starred in the movie to make it the great work it is include Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, Marie Diamond, Bill Harris, John Gray, Lee Brower, and a host of other great speakers that have excelled in their respective careers.

Since the release of “The Secret”, especially the version that stars Lisa Nichols, it has continued to receive praises from all angles and the contribution of Lisa Nichols has been widely attributed as great, significant and of course, motivational as expected.

Lisa Nichols remains a creative force to reckon with as far as motivation and positive influence is concerned and her description and the way she portrayed the “law of attraction” in “the Secret” is simply phenomenal.

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