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Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization Review

Samantha Davis

People often tend to try a variety of methods in order to motivate themselves to complete small or larger projects. However, even with all the different motivation in the world some people will never get past the starting point and usually get stuck there. This is when it could help to learn how to visualize themselves completing all the things they need to do in life.

A great way to embark on this journey is by reading our Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization review and to see how can this powerful and effective program work best for them. Before starting with the review, though, if you aren't familiar with her already, here are a few words about the online course author Lisa Nichols, and why her advice should be followed.

Who Is Lisa Nichols?

Lisa Nichols Is The Author Of Creative Visualization

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is currently the CEO of Motivating the Masses, a company that is based on helping people transition themselves from what they feel as a hopeless situation, into a situation where they learned how to deal with any problem.

Lisa does have an interesting story as she was a single mom in South Los Angeles, not the best part of the world, but managed to take herself out of poverty and use her own creative visualization techniques she teaches in her books and conferences, to become a multi-millionaire.

Lisa Nichols has appeared on numerous television programs to help other people transform their lives, and has also written 6 best-seller books that are widely available online or in book stores.

Pros Of The Creative Visualization Program

Typically when people are buying a program like the one Lisa Nichols created, they will end up getting only a partial program at first and then would have to pay for the remainder of the program. With Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization program that's not the case. Lisa Nichols offers everything to her students in one complete package that contains all the tools enabling them to transform their lives completely.

We often have deep negative feelings about ourselves and think that we are helpless and cannot do anything about it. However, this ends up being because of several possible reasons we sometimes do not even think about. Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization program offers the solution to discover this secret block that is hidden and holds us back. In majority of the cases, it all boils down to a lack of ability to envision yourself ever being able to achieve something you wish for.

With this program you will learn how to do it effectively and properly. And by grasping this concept and learning the tools that Lisa Nichols created, there is nothing else that can present itself in your life that you cannot overcome using these creative visualization techniques!

Lisa Nichols teaches you how to not only start the creative visualization process, as was mentioned, but to also help you integrate and seamlessly transition the new skill into everyday life. Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization program is presented as a collection of four life changing categories. Each section teaches and guides students to apply creative visualization in specific situations.

Passion and Purpose is the first topic the series covers. The key to the discovery is to identify the things and actions that you feel are aligned with your life purpose. This section teaches students how to discover their purpose of life and start manifesting situations and scenarios that are aligned with that purpose.

After that, you'll learn tools that will enable you to visualize and manifest the spiritual and material resources you need to progress. This process brings on the amazing and life-changing feeling of inner peace because now you can start aligning what you do every day with your global purpose in life.

Lisa Nichols Portrait

Balancing Body and Mind – learn how to balance the body and the mind. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, we need to realize it is quite a bit harder than what we think.

We all have sometimes superficial and sometimes quite deep emotional scars and fears that are, most of the time, pushed deep inside. These suppressed energies linger in us and quite often present real blocks in achieving what we want, or they simply manifest themselves as physical ailments.

This section of Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization teaches you how to heal these issues in you, either emotional or physical, how to design a process for yourself that will continuously strengthen your heart energy as a gentle barrier against any future intrusions. Lisa Nichols teaches that this process actually allows you to open up more, invite more loving and abundance energies and expand.

Love, Relationships and Social Interactions – love can be hard to find, but also building on social relationships as people get older is nearly impossible. Since this is the case, we need to have confidence when we are approaching someone else who could become a good friend. We have the tendency of closing up, feeling the lack this confidence or simply fear and we back off and feel alone again.

Lisa Nichols teaches in this section creative visualization techniques on how to reconnect with the deep self-confidence inside and how to manifest it confidently wherever you go. We also learn how to program ourselves for discovering and realizing fulfilling relationships and finding the real soul mate.

Because this section is about relationships, the included Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization style exercises and guides are also helping resolve any issues that might be present in your family right now. We found this section fantastic because, after completing it, you feel like all the negativity and apprehension in dealing with your relationships goes away and the path somehow seems more clear!

Living In Abundance – learning to live creative life in abundance with the help of creative visualization is the final category. This may seem like it is almost impossible to achieve these days, but in this section Lisa Nichols teaches specific creative visualization tools that we can start applying right away and things change – sometimes very quickly.

And once you have done it consistently, it really becomes a habit and your newly tuned abundance energies start attracting the things you really want. Your life-style changes and you never want to go back to being closed and afraid.

Image Of Lisa Nichols Teaching Creative Visualization Program

Lisa Nichols teaching Creative Visualization program

Some say that “time does not exist”, but we still cannot get over that in our everyday hustle and bustle! 🙂 Lisa Nichols created her program realizing that we do not have a lot of free cycles to do the whole day meditation retreats or getaways – remember she was a single mom. That's why she has kept most of her creative visualization sessions to under 20 minutes.

This allows you to schedule time just for you and your healing, spiritual and abundance transformation without any guilt on how much time you're spending on it. But, make no mistake, these concentrated and energizing 20 minutes of powerful learning will change your life nevertheless.

We have reviewed quite a few creative visualization programs out there, but the Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization stands out by far! It is well-organized and designed in a way that you can feel and see the progress you are making right away.

This tangible progress will create a positive feedback loop that, because you are seeing great results, will push you to effortlessly do more and more and gradually attract all the inner peace, love and abundance you imagine. So crush that “hmmm, not now, maybe another time” moment that blocks you again! See for yourself, discover Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization program and decide if you feel that it might work for you.

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Brand New For 2019! Lisa Nichols Teaches 4 Secrets To Uncover Your Unique Mission And Live A Truly Inspired Life! Attend FREE Webinar And If You Like It, Order Right Now And Get 70% OFF The Original Course Package!

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