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Lisa Nichols Books We Like

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Since using her own living room to start her own company back in the year 2000 and creatively driven it to international levels making millions of dollars, Lisa Nichols boasts of being the founder and Chief executive officer of Motivating The Masses, which is among the best and most creative training and development companies across the globe. In addition, she also played an important role in the foundation of the Teen Spirit.

As a result of her social contribution to the world, she has received numerous awards such as the Humanitarian Award from South Africa and The Ambassador Award, just but a few to mention. Lisa is also an individual with an impeccable history because she is a well-selling author of numerous books and among the highest sought-after motivational and transformational speakers who have served and reached out to millions of people across the globe. During her career, she has been focusing on the area of creative visualization and how can it be used to better one's life using small and simple steps.

Lisa Nichols biography describing the extraordinary and inspirational story of transforming her life from a struggling single mom into a millionaire entrepreneur has been the creative and driving force for her desire to educate others that it is possible to achieve that. Apart from being an author of six best-selling books, Lisa Nichols is also a co-author of two bestselling titles in the Chicken Soup For The Soul series.

No Matter What: Nine Steps To Living The Life You Love

This is one of Lisa Nichols Books we like the most. This is a two hundred and seventy pages how-to book that mainly focuses on positive creative thinking and self-esteem. Using the law, No Matter What, this exemplary masterpiece offers practical advice that will help readers in their goals to improve and live a life they deserve.

Having a great approach to self-employment, Lisa Nichols uses books like this one to share some of her stories and how she made use of her program and creativity to overcome all factors that deterred her from achieving both personal and professional success. “No Matter What…” belongs to a group of books that would be highly recommended for an individual who has encountered some disappointment in the recent past.

Unbreakable Spirit

In this Lisa Nichols book, we discover forty true inspiring stories of bouncing back and scaling high levels of success against all odds. Narrated with unfaltering hope, compassion and honesty for various circumstances, Lisa's stories in this book are a true testimony to the unshakable and unbreakable creative power of our human spirit and creativity.

The stories in this wonderful piece of work reflect life experiences that are common to people from all walks of life. Despite your situation or circumstances, you will always find you way to this book and receive courage to lift you above the impossible and steer you to your path of greatness.

Writing In The Margins

This is another one of Lisa Nichols books that views scripture writing as one on the most honorable ways of responding to God. With some people having spent most of their lives with the scripture and still feel enslaved from it, “Writing in the margins” inspires a whole new encounter with the living world.

No Matter What is one of Lisa Nichols booksIt provides a deep and creative approach for reading the scripture. This is one of those books that can help create a divine conversation that can guide and transform. Basically, it is about making connections with all pages of the Bible and an introduction of a devotional and life-changing scriptural path.

Living proof

In “Living Proof”, Lisa Nichols unravels thirty five true transformational and creative stories about who struck extraordinary decisions to survive daunting challenges and accept the blessings of their experiences. In this book;

  1. Dr. Julie Thong gives an amazing story of her survival in the Cambodian killing arenas.
  2. John McQueen reveals how his childhood strategies helped him battle poverty and foster parents care to rise up beyond his dreams.
  3. DC Cordova narrates overcoming her worst fears and schedule a meeting with Fidel Castro during the cold war.

According to Lisa Nichols, these stories are a true proof that whatever you may be going through, the darkness you encounter is just short-lived and not what you are destined for. This book reveals how you can turn a mountain into a platform and turn your test into a testimony.

Mercy And Melons: Praying The Alphabet

This is one of  Lisa Nichols books that bears a collection of meditations that motivate the reader to pray the alphabet. Every chapter lays its focus on a particular alphabet and its accompanying spiritual practice. By naming a theological theme and everyday object, readers get elegant and creative ways to engage and practice in prayer.

In addition, Lisa Nichols adds a little twist compared to similar books because it puts all letters in the presence of God for Him to to arrange them in our unspoken prayers. Praying the alphabet is one of the practices that dates back to the Old Testament. Like other great spiritually based books, this one gives us momentum in our journey of prayers and praying attention.

In all of Lisa Nichols books we are in a position to learn about some of the most humble experiences that people from all walks of life can go through and yet emerge to be very successful in the long run. Having been branded the breakthrough specialist by her fellow peers in the industry, her message of gratitude, service, empowerment and excellence has been conveyed to through programs and workshops that have impacted the lives of thousands of adults.

Lisa Nichols effectively and creatively conveys her powerful messages that have touched almost two million teens, prevented not less that 3800 teenager suicides, supported the return of 2500 dropouts to school and helped the reunion of thousands with their families.

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Brand New For 2019! Lisa Nichols Teaches 4 Secrets To Uncover Your Unique Mission And Live A Truly Inspired Life! Attend FREE Webinar And If You Like It, Order Right Now And Get 70% OFF The Original Course Package!

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