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Lisa Nichols Abundance Now – New Book Review

Samantha Davis

Lisa Nichols has been on an amazing life journey in which she has learned how to create the abundance she needs in order to have a fulfilling and satisfying life. In the recently published Lisa Nichols Abundance Now book, she shares her story and insights in order to help others to realize their goals as well. It is a remarkable assembly of information that can benefit people of all ages find the tools needed to be happier and more fulfilled.

The story of Lisa Nichols began two decades ago, when she was practically penniless, a single mother who needed government aid in order to barely scrape by. Her work history was littered with multiple short-term, dead-end jobs and from outward appearances, Lisa Nichols appeared to be stuck in an unbreakable pattern of poverty. However, her intestinal fortitude kicked in as she endeavoured to transform herself and her habits so she could become the person she dreamed of being.

A formula for accomplishing a similar state is the reason for this clear and easy to read work. The plan laid out in Lisa Nichols Abundance Now Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today book involves four intertwined techniques which have proven to yield amazing results for her. However, this is not just a story about Lisa Nichols and her own triumphs.

Lisa Nichols masterfully weaves her story into the production, which shows you how you can utilize these same tools in your own life and achieve the same abundance now. She does not leave it for you to figure out on your own. Rather, Lisa provides specific guidelines and lessons that you can follow according to your own desires. Her own story is there to provide an example of success with the four techniques, which are known as the 4 E's.


Lisa Nichols starts with this strategical key that teaches you how to develop your own individuality. You will learn how vital it is to focus your energies on building your strengths so that you have an expert skill set in your chosen areas rather than having a cursory knowledge of multiple, disjointed fields.

As you enhance and refine yourself, you will grow and begin to attract others with a related mindset. While the people you begin to interact with may not have the same focus, they will exhibit a similar drive within their own skills and desires. In fact, it is a natural lead-in to the next step towards abundance.


The second E presented in Lisa Nichols Abundance Now talks about your personal and professional relationships. Lisa Nichols provides detailed and useful instructions which are broken down into digestible chunks. Though the word enchantment may now bring to mind a cartoon fairy tale, in this instance it is not talking about romance in any fashion.

Lisa Nichols Abundance Now Amplify Your Life And Achieve Prosperity Today

Lisa Nichols Abundance Now Amplify Your Life And Achieve Prosperity Today

You will gain new and valuable insights regarding how to attract the type of people that you want in every possible area of your existence.

Whether you want a romantic partner or a business partner, you will have the needed confidence and empowerment to cultivate the support you deserve in your new life.

Lisa Nichols points out that rather than being around those who are down and want you to stay there with them, you will naturally interact more fully with those who are focusing on this new and upward path as well.


How do you currently use the resources you have available to you? Do you even recognize all of them? In this regard, Lisa Nichols talks about generating the money, abundance and other resources for success from what you have now.

Taking an honest look at your career, or lack thereof, and the ways that you can transform your current reality into something dramatically better right now will open up tremendous opportunities.

The reality is that you must make work work for you, not against you. As you are increasing your skill set and expanding your inner circle, you will naturally begin to develop new opportunities for engagement and abundance. Lisa Nichols teaches readers how engage their creative visualization skills and seize these chances and to maximize the value of each encounter.


In this section, Lisa Nichols teaches that we must plan and create an appropriate strategy if we want to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Do you dream of having a career that you enjoy that provides sufficient means for you to be able to afford the finer things in life?

Are you tired of being poor, acting poor and feeling poor? By learning these endowment strategies presented in the Lisa Nichols Abundance Now book, you can create a new social circle and lifestyle that represents your inner desires.

Creating true abundance wherever you are right now does require effort on your part, and Lisa does not attempt to say otherwise. It is completely up to you whether you want to remain in your current rut or strike out and live a life you always dreamed of.

Granted, there are many self-help styled semi-autobiographies out there today. However, not all of them employ the same communication level that Lisa Nichols introduced throughout her new book.

Rather than focusing on vague examples from The Law Of Attraction, Lisa Nichols provides clear guidelines and step-by-step instructions that will place you on the road to abundance now. Lisa Nichols Abundance Now book is a fantastic choice for those who are serious about life transformation and achieving abundance now.

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Brand New For 2019! Lisa Nichols Teaches 4 Secrets To Uncover Your Unique Mission And Live A Truly Inspired Life! Attend FREE Webinar And If You Like It, Order Right Now And Get 70% OFF The Original Course Package!

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