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Lisa Nichols And Her Contribution To Creative Visualization

Samantha Davis

If you have come across the site of ‘Creative Visualization’, it will be impossible for you not to encounter the name Lisa Nichols. She is a familiar name when it comes to leading people to achieve a positive life transformation. It is no secret that there are thousands of authors and public speakers who also coach people to success; however, there has been an overwhelming demand for Lisa’s expert advice. This alone is a big reason for us to learn more about this powerful and influential woman.

Lisa Nichols Biography

Prior to the present success of this incredible lady, she too had humble beginnings, like many other successful personalities. Without digging into detailed secret of her childhood, Lisa is a living testimony of how a single mother transformed herself for the better. She used to be a Los Angeles (South Central) public assistance worker, until her core values brought her to great victory.

Now she happens to be one of the millionaire entrepreneurs who continue to inspire many of her students. She is driven with a mission to educate people and guide them to reach the same levels of abundance she currently has.

Aside from delivering motivational talks in hundreds of seminars and trainings related to creative visualization, Lisa has also appeared on several TV shows such Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and the Extra. In addition to these, she was also starred in Starting Over (NBC’s show that won an Emmy Award) and participated in the spiritual documentary “The Secret”.

Lisa Nichols is greatly known as a powerful transformational speaker with emphasis on gratitude, service, empowerment, excellence and other virtues. Her talks undeniably create measurable impact on struggling adults, frustrated youth and hopeless individuals.

Her non-profit foundation (“Motivating the Teen Spirit“) changed the lives of more than 211,600 youth, saved more than 4,000 teens who were planning on committing a suicide, led thousands of drop-outs back to school, and served as a mediator to reunite teens with their families.

There have been many awards and recognitions from different organizations that Lisa Nichols received. To mention just two of them are the Humanitarian Award (in South Africa) as well as the award for being an Ambassador.

Lisa Nichols The Secret

As part of her continuous dedication to the betterment of people’s lives, she unceasingly shares her expertise with others by partnering with other creative experts, some of them being Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield, and other spiritual teachers – all for the goal of improving lives and creating positive change on the globe.

Lisa Nichols as one of teachers in The SecretIn 2006 Lisa was also involved in the filming of the documentary film The Secret and was featured as one of the spiritual teachers examining the concepts, theory and practical implementation of the law of attraction. Initial release of The Secret created a lot of buzz in the spiritual community and was followed by a series of subsequent book publications and spin-off projects all containing the phrase “The Secret”.

Today, Lisa Nichols leads the way by preparing other life coaches, leadership trainers, and business developers. She serves as their most credible resource person in developing programs and products. She also authored world-class inspirational books. Ms. Nichols travels around the world to deliver empowering talks to various audiences.

Lisa Nichols Books

As being mentioned earlier, Lisa authored several books, mostly related to creative visualization and practical ways to apply it in everyday life, that inspire and motivate people to press on and achieve success. Below are the some of the books she published.

  • Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above the Impossibilities
  • No Matter What!: 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love
  • GREATful Woman Talks! Volume 1: Giving from You Overflow Starts with Self-Care
  • Steampunk 210 Success Secrets
  • The Perfect Pitch: Tips for Query That work

These are only five of the books authored by Lisa Nichols alone. There are other books that are products of Ms. Nichol’s collaborations with other luminaries. They can easily be purchased either over the internet as ebooks or as regular books in printed format.

Lisa Nichols Quotes

You have probably been hearing a lot about this influential woman. Have you had a chance to listen to her give her audiences life-changing advice? If you haven’t, here are some of the Lisa Nichols quotes that led many of her students to measurable changes in their lives. Some of these quotes are also mentioned in her books.

Sometimes you have to be willing to walk by yourself for a minute. Sometimes your homegirl or homeboy, your mama or daddy, your woman or your man won’t get your vision. But if no one else gets your vision, that’s okay because God didn’t give your vision to them. God gave your vision to YOU.

Any time your thoughts are flowing, the law of attraction is working.

What you think about you bring about.

Your thoughts and your feelings create your life.

Lisa Nichols Motivating The Masses

Lisa’s MTM (Motivating The Masses) is one of the programs she spearheaded which offers a reliable and qualitative business coaching, professional management and development for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

Lisa Nichols is an author of Creative Visualization programThis platform covers business minded individuals on a local as well as national scale. The chief mission of MTM is to aid in the strategy development, accountability, and motivation of the clients, which are all necessary to obtain success in both personal and business ventures.

Motivating The Masses envisions a long-term relationship between partners. The company also wishes to secure financial balance and continuously increase bottom line value to the clients.

A lot of accomplished business owners have been a client of this venture, and have been guided by the MTM during their start up years. They were helped not only in gaining profits but also upholding the right core values required for for their continuing careers.

Lisa Nichols Creative Visualization

The fact that people need substantial motivation to achieve their goals made Lisa come up with another resource to help them. This is the product called Creative Visualization, an online training course which also gives a specific type of coaching to its clients. Creative Visualization consists of 12 meditation audios which feature lectures from Lisa Nichols herself.

These well structured sessions bring people along to have a glimpse of their own future using some practical, organic, and tangible experiences. Students who attended the creative visualization teachings and tried Lisa Nichols creative visualization techniques praise the program as completely satisfying and truly worth attending.

Are you looking for a well-rounded resource person to guide you in your personal, business, and professional achievements? Now that you have learned a little bit about Lisa Nichols and her contributions to the field of creative visualization, you are opening a door of opportunity to maybe try her teachings and see if they might work for you too.

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