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Best Vision Board Ideas

Samantha Davis

Have you ever wanted to put together a vision board but weren't sure of where to begin or maybe you are running out of vision board ideas? If you haven't done it yet, it's important to get started creating your own creative visualization vision board as soon as possible, so that you can train your subconscious mind to begin manifesting these ideas into reality.

What is a vision board and how can it help you in your practice of creative visualization? The main goal of one is to be a place where you can add your short term and long term goals, and then actually see them right in front of you, instead of just trying to visualize them in your mind.

For instance, to create a simple creative visualization vision board, you can staple a few pictures of a vacation destination that you wish to go to, and then post mini-goals in the form of pictures that will lead you to the main goal in your mind. Generally you'll end up with a vision board that has pictures of who and what you want to be in the future, which will be tremendously valuable because it primes your mind to see these pictures as your real life.

You want to make sure that your creative visualization vision board ideas inspire you to be more positive and strive for anything you'd like, but not so much so that you are unable to meet these goals. Know that you can fail if your targets aren't achievable within the time frame you set, and you will see that your progress depends on you being realistic.

Make your vision board appealing and keep it somewhere that allows you to be able to see it throughout the day. There are many examples and guides online and most of them will enable you to find many vision board ideas and most of them will not require you to spend a lot of money.

It's just a matter of getting some sort of backing (soft or rigid) that you can glue or pin your chosen items to. You can usually find these at your local stores for only a few dollars. Then you can get some glue sticks or tape so that you can attach pictures, inspirational quotes and any other items you'd like.

Listen to your creative inner self and the guidance it offers. Don't just try to do something because your family or friends say you should. Being hard on yourself because of other people's point of view is not going to help you reach your own desired future. Implement your vision board ideas as you see them and try to feel the changes that ring true for you only and only that will ensure your success.

A Few Vision Board Ideas To Help You Start

A vision board is an interesting tool that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals in life. It works on the idea that “like attracts like”, which is just a way of saying that positive thinking leads to positive happenings in life. Beyond even this concept, it's also useful for clarifying, visualizing, and reminding yourself of things that are important to you.

As we mentioned before, the vision board itself is as simple as the idea behind it. You can turn any flat surface into a vision board or even make a digital vision board or your computer. You fill it with positive imagery and quotations that relate specifically to your goal.When you see this imagery it should invoke powerful, positive feelings within.

This reminds the brain to continually work towards achieving these milestones even if you aren't consciously aware of them. Here are some types of vision board ideas you can use to help yourself achieve those important goals in life, whatever they may be.

  • vision board ideas for work
  • vision board ideas for weight loss
  • vision board ideas for business
  • vision board ideas for couples
  • vision board ideas for students

A Vision Board For Work

Creating a vision board for your career might seem like one of the more difficult vision board ideas, but really it focuses on the same principles as the rest. It doesn't have to just involve pictures of people working or making money, but rather where your career leads you, what you do outside of your career, and what goals you can accomplish thanks to that career.

Creative Visualization Reviews - Best Vision Board Ideas

The Law Of Attraction and Vision Board Ideas

After all, these are many of the reasons why people work in the first place. A career is a vehicle that takes you where you to where you want to be in life.

Vision board ideas focused on career goals should branch out and include imagery stronger than the standard mansion, fancy car, or wad of cash. Sure, these are all nice things to have, but they aren't really personal and unique.

They don't speak to you on a deep level and bring forth the ideal feelings you should hope to achieve with a vision board. They are simple things everyone probably wants on some level. Instead, try for more specific and personal imagery, which can be accomplished by asking some simple questions.

For example, “what tangible things can I do thanks to my career?”. Do you want to be able to travel to specific destinations? Do you hope to be recognized by the public for your work?

These are great questions to ask and that will evoke specific and unique imagery. Find the pictures, media, or quotes that zero in on your unique answers and post them on your own vision board.

Vision Boards For Education

If you aren't yet at the career phase of life and are instead still working your way through school, then you can use a vision board to help you along as well. Countless students rely on vision boards to help them through the school year and through the rest of their education as well.

Creating vision boards for students is pretty simple because most students already have a pretty good idea of what they hope to accomplish with their education. Even if they don't, a vision board can help them realize and refine what these goals are.

What degrees are you aiming for? Do you want to be the top of the class? Where do you want this education to lead? School can become so repetitive and tedious at times that it's easy to forget or overlook these goals for long periods. A vision board that you'll see each morning when you wake up is a constant reminder of what you want in life and why you are working to achieve it.

Other Vision Board Ideas

Education, relationship and career vision boards are only the start when it comes to potential vision board ideas. As a matter of fact, your board doesn't even need to be so specific. It could combine elements of education, career, romance, business and personal development. As long as you have tangible goals in life, then you can benefit from a vision board.

A vision board can help you to achieve any goal you have in mind. It comes down to what you put on this vision board, and whether or not you're committed to the process of creative visualization.

Look at your new vision board as a powerful tool that can help you manifest your goals into the physical life. As any other Law Of Attraction tool we use, vision boards are only as effective as the time we put into crafting them – so take your time, be creative, have fun and build your own creative visualization vision board!




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