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What Is A Vision Board?

Samantha Davis

All of us have goals and aspirations in our lives or things we want to get accomplished to make our lives better and easier. But, when we think about all the things we do day in and day out – taking care of children and family, running errands, working, being social – taking the extra time to focus on the goals we set for ourselves can seem almost impossible.

One strategy we can use to apply principles of creative visualization is to create a vision board, a tool that is used in the “Law of Attraction” to help gain focus and accomplish all our goals.

Vision Board Explained

A vision board is most often used to help clarify aspirations as well as concentrate and maintain focus on a specific chosen goal in life. The base of the vision board is any kind of wooden, metal, plastic, foam, or any other kind of surface that features images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or accomplish in life.

In this computer age, digital vision boards can also be created on the computer to be displayed as a print out, on a mobile device, or on the computer itself (quite a few people will use this as their screen-saver so they see it every day).

Why are Vision Boards Used?

When we think about what we do every day, like get children off to school, go to work, run errands, go to the gym, and spend time with family, it can be easy to see how anything outside the day-to-day routine can sometimes get lost or pushed aside for “later”.

People are very busy these days and, despite some of their best intentions, they are often distracted with things that must be done. This type of environment makes it difficult to focus on those larger goals, like learning a new language, losing weight, or finishing a home project.

While making a vision board can have several purposes, the overarching idea is to help individuals identify what they want to accomplish, give their ideas clarity, reinforce their daily affirmations, and help them to maintain their focus toward achieving their goal.

This is where vision board helps a lot because many of us find that having a visual representation of what we want to do, regardless of how big or small it is, can help us to see our goals every day, providing inspiration to keep moving forward toward the ultimate end result.

Use a Vision Board to Provide Clarity

When it comes to setting goals, many people set goals that are too ambiguous and hard to quantify, which makes it more difficult to determine when they have been accomplished. A great example of this is to get a goal of “having a better life”.

This statement means many different things for many different people. For some, “having a better life” means living in a nice house and having a nice car. For others, it could mean traveling the world, having a healthy romantic relationship, or starting a family.

Creative Visualization Reviews - What Is A Vision Board

What are Vision Boards and why do you need your own Vision Board?

Since many individuals set goals such as the one outlined above, it can be hard for them to know exactly what they are working toward. A vision board is great for breaking down these harder to calculate goals and allowing them to be more attainable and quantifiable to measure success.

If the individual’s definition of “having a better life” is purchasing a home and a car, they can include photos or text that relate to these items so they can visually see what they are trying to achieve instead of just imagining it. If better life means setting oneself up for financial freedom, setting up stages of financial achievements, such as a savings plateau or a stock portfolio, can be pictured on your vision board.

Use a Vision Board for Daily Affirmations

Once someone has chosen his or her goals, he or she needs to work toward believing these goals are achievable. In addition to images, such as a house or a car, consider adding words and phrases to help boost confidence and make these aspirations truly believable.

All of us have those small voices inside that tell us we can’t do something or the things we dream are not possible – a creative visualization vision board can help to silence those voices and help make you truly believe that everything you want is possible.

Use a Vision Board for Focus

One of the key purposes of a vision board is to help stay focused. Many people wake up with a great “can-do” attitude every morning but, more often than not, that great attitude fades away when more and more tasks, chores, and commitments are piled onto the plate.

By having a vision board that is easy to see throughout the day, there are constant reminders of the positive things you want to achieve in life.

Creating a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is easy, fun, and can be a project for the entire family. Start by finding a background surface and deciding where in the home it should be placed – make sure the vision board is placed where it can be seen every day, a few times a day, such as the bedroom, kitchen, or office.

Next, find photos that represent what the end goal is – if the aspiration is to travel to Italy, find interesting and inspiring pictures of the country that help visualize being there. Finally, add some words or phrases that will help to build confidence toward achieving that goal. Using the Italy example, words like “travel,” “experiences,” and “once in a lifetime” may be suitable.

Regardless of what happens during the course of a day, use the vision board to remind you of what you are working towards every day. Vision boards not only appeal to conscious thought but also to the sub-conscious levels of things so that, even when the vision board is not visible, there are still reminders of what you want to accomplish. Next time you have a goal or dream you want to tackle, consider using a vision board to help get you there!



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