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Achieve Your Goals Using Creative Visualization Meditations

Samantha Davis

As you know by now, creative visualization is your powerful ally in achieving pretty much any dream or goal you set for yourself. Some teachers consider creative visualization process just a mind exercise and some are calling it a mindful meditation.

I personally look at my time spent in creative sessions as meditations. There are many specific creative visualization meditations that you can create for yourself, either visualizing how your day will unfold, focusing on areas of your life that might need assistance etc.

While in any of these creative visualization meditations, it is very important to always ask for guidance and that all of your desires and dreams be for your highest good and the highest good of others as well. This way you will always be protected and in alignment with the spiritual laws. Leon Edwards, in this article, explains the important the link between creative visualization and mindful meditations.

Look around you at the people you know and do this little exercise. Simply look at a person's life and accomplishments or lack thereof, look at their relationships and maybe even their economical state on the surface if you can. You most likely will find a good correlation in a person's attitude, their outlook, beliefs, and actions with the circumstances in their lives.

The thoughts of these people and the daily exposure to the books they read or don't, the movies they watch, the news , their spiritual beliefs or lack of, even relationships all led to beliefs embedded in their higher minds. These beliefs then led to actions so even though they may be consciously unaware, they have attracted their circumstances.

Now look at your own life. You may say no way did I attract this life of mine. Maybe you have lived through failed relationships or have had debt just pile up. It could very well be that you were unaware of some detrimental programming of your subconscious. You may have had beliefs become a part of you at an early age or throughout your life that became a driving force for you where your own vibrations were not in harmony with the universe and subsequently led to an unfavorable condition.

It is very possible that you focused intently on what you did not want and this in turn led to you getting more of the exact thing you did not want. This seems to be the little joke of the universe that whatever you concentrate on with a laser like focus , even negatively will become your reality.

Sounds simple to control. Well it most certainly is not. Most people cannot intensely focus on a single thought, idea or even an object for just 17 seconds without an unrelated image or thought popping in your mind. However, your mind and thoughts can be trained to reprogram your subconscious to attain your deepest desires and dreams.

Again this is not so simple. It takes learning the steps and repeated practice . You'll need to recognize old unwanted negative programming and replaced it with positive thoughts and attaining your intended goals. Tools that can accomplish this for you are creative visualization meditations and gratitude.

Creative visualization meditations are basically the process of consciously visualizing what you want as if you already have it or that it is your strongest intention. This can be accomplished through various methods as visual, auditory and kinesthetic .

In the visual method, the person sees images in his mind. When a person uses this method, they see pictures and watch the whole event play out in their mind with each picture or image representing something. The auditory method is based on visualizing with words and sounds.

In addition to the images mentioned in visualizing a person generates sounds to cause the right emotion to surface. The kinesthetic method relies on a persons emotions playing a dominant role reinforcing the visualization image. The person will actually imagine feeling the results and what it would be like once they have whatever it is they want manifested.

Choose one method that works for you and use it regularly. This is of utmost importance. This routine everyday is to train your mind and exercise your mind muscle so you can get used to it. After you are comfortable with one method, add another and then the third method. When you can practice all three regularly, you will begin to master creative visualization meditations.

A word of warning when you first start out, old images from your previous subconscious programming When you begin to visualize for the first time, and you see images come up in your mind , your previous subconscious programming may enter here and try to discourage you from continuing to see those images. Just ignore these voices inside you and concentrate on the new positive image only. With practice you will rid your subconscious of any old negative thoughts completely.

When you are in a state of gratitude, you are vibrating with the universe in a positive harmonious way and therefore whatever your event, condition, or circumstance you are focusing on will easily appear in your life. It is the non-harmonious state that we want to avoid.

Creative visualization meditations, lastly , are the best way to reprogram your subconscious. Once in the meditative state, you can reach the subconscious directly. You can communicate or even talk with your subconscious mind. Really, although it is often best to just relax and listen.

Creative Visualization Meditations

Creative visualization meditations are a powerful tool and many very successful people use it every day with benefits as balancing you emotionally, mentally, and even physically, even having less stress, anxiety, depression and fewer mood-swings and more. Specific types of meditations can also go into your subconscious, find your negative blocks, and replace them with non-blocking thoughts that will help to advance your career,instead of hindering it.

Directing positive goal oriented thoughts into your subconscious mind on a long-term basis is what will bring you success as you define it. After all , you are the person thinking your thoughts , forming your belief system and creating actions that will manifest your desires.

My friend Jane Booth Robertson listed some of great ideas you can use in your own creative visualization meditations and to get you started with your practice. Always be gentle with yourself and be mindful of your well-being and spiritual growth.

  • a favorite place – where you feel safe and relaxed
  • a golden white light – that is flowing into and around your body and that fills your heart with love and flows out into every part of your body
  • a happy memory – recall your most happy time and feel that joy
  • forgiveness – of yourself and others – heal old wounds and let them go
  • your future – feel the joy as your dreams and goals unfold as you desire
  • your health – see your whole self as well and healthy -emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually
  • an angel- invoke your guardian angel or archangels to be with you
  • a spiritual guide – to teach you the ancient wisdom
  • gratitude – give thanks for all your blessings and the blessings you are about to receive
  • the presence of God within – feel the loving spirit of God that is always present
  • inner peace – feel your true essence of peace and love within
  • today – see a peaceful and fun day unfolding where you are creative, loving and happy

Remember positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Only think of good thoughts about yourself and others. Visualize your life the way you would like it to be. Allow your creative self to unfold and enjoy the life you desire.

Creative visualization meditations provide a space where you can be peaceful and creative. Let the universe guide you as you take action steps to have the life you want…full of abundance and good health!


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