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The Power Of Visualization

Samantha Davis

Humans have developed to use the creative power of our imaginations for all kinds of purposes. Whether it is for comfort, entertainment, safety, or protection, our own imagination performs many jobs in our day to day lives that we rarely, if ever, even think about.

Creative visualization can be a power tool in our self-help and self-preservation toolkit. The power of this process can be applied at any time of the day, in virtually any situation you can think of. All you really need is your brain, and since that’s already with you all the time, you’re all set!

Creative visualization is just one way our brain seeks to find the solution to a problem. If we creatively think about a situation, we can imagine the situation from all angles and see the various outcomes. Clearly, we will choose one outcome over the rest that appeals to us the greatest, and we can then focus on attaining that outcome.

The power of visualization comes into play as we seek to attain that one appealing outcome. We are genetically built to use our imagination without even being conscious of doing it. When we intentionally focus our imagination on a single outcome, it becomes much easier for us to set up action steps to take to finally get to that outcome.

It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. You might be surprised to know that you can use creative visualization to attain any goal at all – there is no right or wrong.

  • If you want weight loss, visualize yourself wearing clothes you love, and let yourself be creative and feel the confidence you have in your new body.
  • If you want more money, visualize your ideal situation – your ideal location, home, companions, etc. What kind of creative work do you see yourself doing?
  • If you want to travel, visualize yourself going to the airport, your luggage full of resort-wear. Imagine yourself on a warm and sunny beach, napping while you hear the waves of the ocean lapping up on the shore.

The next step, once the goal has been established, is to use your creativity and imagination to discover creative steps you can take to actually get to those places – the beach, the slimmer body, or making more money. A dream is only a dream if there is no action taken. Once you begin taking action, it’s a plan!

Creativity is so important in this process. Without being creative and involving vivid imagination, you can’t envision what you want to have and what you want to be. Use your imagination as creative fuel and power up your future!

Creative Visualization Reviews - The Power Of Visualization

The Power Of Visualization

So, how do you intend to use the power of visualization you already have in you? A great majority of people utilize their creativity to obtain material possessions. And of course, there’s not a thing wrong with this, but what you may not know is that creative visualization allows for the manifestation of much more than simple objects!

If you utilize the power of visualization as it is intended, you can actually change your entire life. Whether it is the power of suggestion or something bigger, the belief in what you’re attempting to obtain is stronger than you realize. Concentrating and focusing on a very specific outcome can, indeed, lead to it.

You probably haven’t heard the name Morris Goodman. That’s no surprise. Goodman was a very successful insurance salesman who was well-versed in the the power of visualization. He had, in fact, used this power to build his entire insurance business.

But in the 1980’s, after a plane crash, Morris was rendered paralyzed, unable to use any part of his body other than his brain, and unable to breathe on his own without the help of a ventilator.

Sadly, doctors were not hopeful that he would ever walk or breathe on his own ever again. His family was notified, and plans were made to give Morris the best quality of life that he could have with his new limitations.

While still in the hospital, Morris communicated with the staff and his own family by blinking his eyes. What he told them surprised everybody – that he planned on walking out of the hospital on his own.

Morris used the power of visualization, and the process of creative visualization to see and feel himself breathing and walking all on his own. He saw what it would look like when he left the hospital, and even the very route he would take home.

Using the power of visualization, he clearly envisioned the astonished looks he’d get from passers-by, and the smile he’d return their amazement with.

At one point, he convinced the medical staff that he wanted to attempt breathing on his own. He claimed he had an urge to breathe on his own and he wanted to try. They removed the ventilator tube, and he did indeed breathe on his own.

From that point on, his recovery took on a life of it’s own, and in time, he walked out of the hospital on his own two feet – something that the hospital staff never thought they’d see.

He continued on with his successful insurance business, and also became a motivational speaker, proving that it only takes the brain and the power of visualization to change your entire world!



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