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What Is Creative Visualization? Does It Work?

Samantha Davis

You can get more of what you want in life if you use creative visualization to your advantage. When this is something you put effort into understanding, you will then be able to know that you are living up to your potential more than most. Getting to know how the technique of creative visualization works is probably the best way you can invest your time and effort.

Creative visualization techniques represent a set of spiritual tools that you can learn, like any other helper tool you worked with before. In a very simplistic way, if you master the process of visualizing events and physical objects that (you think) you need vividly and clearly – they tend to really appear in your life at some point. This is the basis of creative visualization principles.

Thinking carefully and picturing every detail of something you wish to have happen is more likely to make that particular event happen. It is something a lot of successful people learn, practice and do because it works.

Lisa Nichols and the power of Creative Visualization Techniques and Meditations

Lisa Nichols, Creative Visualization

Think about how much you rely on your mind to make things easier for you to do, and it only makes sense why visualizing what you want is an effective way to get the abundant patterns of the Universe to start noticing you.

There are plenty of awesome creative visualization techniques that you can get from a variety of sources.

You have to make sure, however, that you are paying attention to which sources are legitimate and which ones only exist to generate money and not really provide many benefits to you.

Look at the work by Lisa Nichols, for instance. She has developed and published systems and materials that outline a method with a 95% success rate that is scientifically proven.

With results like that, you'd be hard pressed not to trust the techniques Lisa Nichols has created to share with others! Lisa Nichols said during one of her presentations:

Change your thoughts to change your life!

Creative Visualization Meditations & Techniques by Shakti GawainThe life-long dedication to creative visualization meditations and other work done by Shakti Gawain introduced new techniques to clear our minds from constant thinking about problems, past or future, and let you concentrate your efforts on creating what you want to happen.

This is a good way to begin your quest to visualize what you wish to do in life because with a mind that isn't cluttered with unhealthy relationships or other problems, more can happen for you.Once you are free from unnecessary distractions, determining the best course of action without any obstacle in your way seems easy.

Shakti Gawain and her creative visualization books have a great following for a good reason. Shakti Gawain once said:

We always attract into our lives whatever we think about most, believe most strongly, expect on the deepest level, and imagine most vividly.

You are probably aware that meditation is a key step to starting your journey towards creative visualization mastery. But you might have already fallen for that myth that, in order to do creative visualization meditations, you need to be in a temple and dressed in a monk robe.

In reality, you can learn to meditate and practice meditation anywhere. That's why we also like the books and products created by Lisa Nichols and Shakti Gawain because they show you how to do that in everyday busy existence.

Learning techniques on how to clear your mind first, and then gradually learn to build your own future is what creative visualization is all about. As you do your meditations more and more, you can come up with progressively more detailed ways of thinking of how your future needs to be.

We are not talking about dreaming or pure imagination here – yes they might be used to help you in the beginning, but once you learn the proper way to apply creative visualization meditations, this process becomes a reality.

There are many methods and creative visualization meditations described in books created by various authors (Shakti Gawain and Lisa Nichols being on the forefront of this field). Just like with anything else in this world, there are people that don't really care about anything other than making a quick buck off of those trying to change their lives.

By learning to identify and not completely trust everyone that claims to be a guru, you will learn to do your own research and avoid wasting so much time and money on methods that just don't work properly. If you don't have too much time, then begin your research with Lisa Nichols and Shakti Gawain techniques and meditations and you won't go wrong.

When you go about your life, think how cluttered your mind becomes with things that hardly even matter in the long run. All that chatter, if you let it, eventually takes over and makes it very difficult to focus on what you really need to do in order to progress spiritually.

Think about a car that is driven for a long time but never gets a tuneup! If your mind just goes along through life's roads without being maintained and pampered from time to time, it will end up not working as effectively or shut down altogether! Even basic meditations work as a great remedy for our tired, overworked and worried minds.

Remember that everyone on this journey is different, so you may have to do a little practice of different creative visualization techniques before you settle on the one you know works the best for you. Don't just stop at learning one person's way of visualizing, because when you try more than one system and approach, you stand a much better chance of knowing which one is right for you.

As we suggested before, start with Lisa Nichols and Shakti Gawain and then continue discovering others that you might or might not like. You may find what you first tried is the best, or maybe the third method is great. Whatever you decide, by getting to know what a few different techniques are about, you can develop a more well rounded knowledge of how to apply creative visualization effectively.

Creative Visualization Techniques and Meditations Secrets

Creative Visualization Techniques

Will you practice what you learned from now on? Will you start doing your meditations regularly? You don't just want to use these techniques once and think it's going to benefit you that way. You have to be aware of your goals and visualize your continuous progress towards them. Never just try a couple of meditations once and forget it about all of this just because that goal you had did not materialize itself in a matter of couple of weeks.

You've heard this before – you can do whatever you put your mind to! Creative visualization techniques can give you a set of steps that can lead you on a road to realize your full potential as a spiritual being. If you are a skeptic right now, what you need to do is give it a try for a week or two and see how it works out.

You will discover that even such a small step will turn out to offer fantastic benefits to you because, at the very least, it will get you to start thinking about what must be done to meet the goals you have right now.

Once you have a good understanding of what creative visualization can help you with, you're ready to start putting it to work for you. There are a lot of areas in your life this system of spiritual development can help you with.

Try creative visualization, experiment, be super creative and play with it – and you'll soon realize how you started attracting people, events and synchronicities  that are inevitably leading you to the goals you set.

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